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Personalised Cheese Board

  • £16.99

Personalised Cheese Board

Personalised Cheeseboard with your own Image /Text

Ideal gift for this Christmas, Wedding, Anniversary
Details :

The cheese boards are made of pinewood and with handles for easy moving and ceramic tiles in the middle for holding pizza. You can put a slice of pizza and other food such as cheese, fried chicken, or some vegetables on the cheese board to make a beautiful food platter presentation.

Pinewood board comes with printable ceramic boars fits perfectly into the wood cut-out.

Size: 300mm x 230mm 

Thickness: 17mm 

Printable ceramic tile: 20cm diameter & approx 8mm thick

How To Personalise Cheese Board
1. Order your cheesboard
2. Send your details to:
3. Receive your order with the Royal Mail.

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