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Perfect Gift set of  6 Bath Melts

Get someone special a luxurious gift, or treat yourself! 


  •  NEVER tested on animals

  • Vegan
  • Sustainable ingredients

Set of 6 
Contains Wild Honeysuckle, Clementine Mimosa, Cranberry and Orange, Mandarin and Bergamot, Patchouli Rose and Tuberose. 
Comes contained with in a pink 'egg' box. 
Direction of use
Place your Bath Melt in warm water and watch as it melts away softly into the water, pull out or break in half for 2 baths. Take out of cup or retrieve from the bath.
Made with the finest cocoa butter these melts offer the most indulgent bath and moisturising finish on your skin.
Please rinse petals or decorations away from bath immediately after use to prevent accidental staining.

The Scents:

Mandarin and Bergamot - A citrus lover’s dream, this melt will transport you to a Mediterranean paradise!
Did you know? Mandarin and Bergamot together can help to relieve fever symptoms and can also help with oily and problematic skin types.

Cranberry & Orange - Tangy, tart cranberries and fruity, vibrant oranges are a match made in heaven for our festive, two-toned Bath Melt, Cranberry & Orange.
Leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth, this warm, comforting melt is perfect for the colder evenings.

Mermaid Kisses - Be a mermaid and make waves with our super fragrant, beautifully blue bath melt!

Over the Rainbow - Where troubles melt like lemon-drops; Over the rainbow is the ultimate mood lifter!
A bright yellow top is dusted in multi-coloured glitter with a beautiful fruity fragrance which will leave your skin feeling bright and your soul a-light!

Rose Patchouli - This soothing, tender melt is an uplifting remedy for mind, body and soul! With Rose petals to help lift spirits and treat sensitive skin and
Patchouli oil for the treatment of dry or mature skin types, this soufflé is an all- round, lovely mood elevator that will transport you back to the swinging 60s!
Did you know? Rose can help to alleviate sadness and grief and Patchouli oil is linked with the relief of stress and anxiety.

Tuber Rose - Fabulously floral and gloriously girly, tuberose is a dreamy, luxurious treat for any bath melt fanatic!
Pretty pearls decorate a sugary pink bath sundae, melting away to create the perfect pamper bath treat!

Wild Honeysuckle - Sink into a smooth, relaxing bath with the rich, floral fragrance of Wild Honeysuckle & Jasmine.
With a soft musk background and exciting hints of citrus, this is a gorgeous melt for all year round.

Razzle Dazzle - Let the super sweet fragrance of our luscious razzle dazzle sooth away your worries, inspired by classic sweets.